The Awakening

"Mum please can we go and have my fortune told" I said in my sweetest,most polite voice. She looked at Dad for help and he nodded at her,insistingly.

"Course you can,darling" she answered,with a huge smile on her face.

We walked through the red,gemmed tent.It was lit up with jostics and scented candles. A lady with large,jangling earings an a long tie dyed dress,that I thought looked beautiful,greeted us kindly and asked me to sit down.

"Now my dear,what is your name?"  She asked softly.

"Destiny madam" I answered shly.

"What a wonderful name for such a beautiful young lady" She replied kindly. "Now let me consult my crystal ball." She moved her hands majestically around the glass ball and closed her eyes. "Ah yes my dear,it all becomes clear to me,I see a murky black cloud heading your way,only you can  make this cloud dissappear by choosing the right,courageous decisions.You must open your eyes and awaken the people you love ,or all will be lost." She recited like poetry.I was spell bound,hypnotised almost.

"What desicions are these?" I whispered to her when her hands lay on the table.

"You shall find out my child" She replied like a wise Owl,speaking her pearls of wisdom to her little Owlets.

"Thankyou so much madam,I shall treat these words with care" I said with a smile on my face. I promised myself that I would somehow open the eyes to all of my family.

When we got home I couldn't help but recognize a similarity between the Fortune Teller's voice to the voice in number 7. It was probably nothing,afterall I was going to stop her that very night.

The End

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