The Fortune Teller

As I sat on my bed,still shaking,I tried to think of a way to stop the 'VOICE' and her demon Trolls. There was no way I could go back there,but I knew I had to. There was no point in talking to Mum,she didn't believe a word I said. 6:12pm,I was alone for the rest of the night,no one came upstairs to see me or tell me off. So I waited for what tomorrow would bring

The next week,I tried to forget.But I couldn't. Dad was getting worried about me,because I went right off my food. "Linda,why don't we take the kids out? I hear the new summer fair is on this afternoon,take them there?" Dad whispered to Mum,but I could still hear.

"Yeah,ok" Mum sighed.She didn't like fair's at all. She thought it was a cheap nasty way to get money off people. I liked fair's but I really didn't want to go this time.

But still I didn't make a fuss.I got in the car,next to Mason and said nothing all the way. Mum tried to act excited but it didn't work. We were all miserable. Dad was having a rough time at work. Mum said  she was fat,although she only ate vegetables and fruit for a month and plus she went for an hour's jog every morning round the field at the back of us. Mason was teething,a bit late I know but we couldn't help that. And me well,I was fed up of everyone,no one  spoke to me hardly and  no one believed what happened that night. So no one was thrilled about going to the fair,but we tried to have fun as best we could.

Half an hour later I saw a sign saying ''Fortune Telleing Here For One Day On"

This was my chance

The End

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