My Blood

"Mum we've ran out of paint!" I lie as I pour the purple paint into the bin.

"Ok Destiny I will go to the D.I.Y shop later" Mum called back.

"No it's ok I will ask next door if they have any!" I shouted.

"But Destiny,no one lives there and your not going out on your own,not after that murder of that poor girl!" Mum replied.

The door slammed,I was out onto the street already.I put my hands in my pockets and walked up to the Number 7.The front garden was no garden.Old trees and dead plants hung over the forgotten hay-like grass.Stone gargoyles crushed and scattered around.Crows,scrounged for the leftover bits of meat that was mysteriously left there.Not that big in size but definitely not animals flesh.I walked up,past the gate,past all the gargoyles up to the door.My hands were icy cold. I knocked on the door.No answer.Knocked again.Still no answer. 

After 3 minutes,I noticed an old metal gate half open.I slipped into it and it led me though a dark  passageway into the underworld almost.But no,it was the back garden top this house. "Who dares enter my property!" A voice boomed.The same voice that cackled with the feast.I tried to run but tripped. Exactly at that minute some small,mouthwatering Trolls.Slimy,monstrous Trolls drooling at me. The voice stepped out into the garden. "My Trolls,let us teach this rude,stupid girl a lesson and in the hope she'll take my advice and never return here again!" The voice shouted.I could not see her face just her long black dress glistening in the Moonlight.I ran as fast as I could,through the passageway.Past the gargoyles and flesh."We will kill you!" repeated the trolls." We are hungry for your blood" they chanted behind me.I ran out of the gate.Ran into my house and screamed."There is a woman in Number 7 and her trolls are after my blood! She killed Cindy.

"Nonsense,no one even lives there.And plus I told you to stay here! YOU could have been murdered,now go to your room!" Mum demanded whilst holding little Mason while he was bawling his head off.

"But Mum! I have to call the police!" I insisted.

"Oh no your not,now go!" Mum shouted. So I went upstairs wondering what to do.

The End

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