3 weeks later the police arrived at the front door. Mum invited them in,sat them down and asked them if they would like a pot of tea. "Thank you Mrs?" the Policeman said without a smile,as he took of his overly high hat.

"Mrs Jenkins" Mum replied smiling uncomfortably as she poured the tea. "What brings you here then,Officer" Mum added.

"A girl named Cindy Lawrence has been found murdered on this street.She was walking to her local shop when she was struck,people have said that it was when she was passing number 7,right next door.But since nobody lives there we are here to ask you some questions" the policeman answered seriously.

"Oh my god,that's terrible! How old was she?"Mum cried. I felt my hairs on the back of my neck stand on end at that moment.It must have been from number 7 I thought to myself.That must have been the scream but what was it that killled her?

"She was 13 Mrs Jenkins.Do you know anything about this at all?" the policeman asked very sternly like Mum had killed her.

"No I'm very sorry that I can't help you Officer." Oh my goodness we'd better make sure our doors and windows are locked securely then,don't worry Destiny we will keep you and Mason safe,let me go and check he is still asleep." Mum began and when the policeman left all that went through my mind was 'there IS someone in number 7' I just have to find out what or who it is

The End

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