The difference between real and fantasy

I left the paint in the hallway and started off for dad's study.I dragged myself up the stairs slowly and quietly.The door to the study was half open. I creaked in.It was quite light. I thought there was nothing interesting about this study until I heard the noise in the wall which came from next door,number 7.It moaned ...then wailed...and finally screamed. Silence again. I shivered and didn't move for a second. After that there was a witchy kind of laugh,almost a cackle,definatley a woman's voice because she then shouted "FEAST!"

A couple of seconds afterwards, I could hear Mum closing the car door.I closed the study door and ran downsatirs into the hall way. I heard her key in the front door and opened the green tin of paint,dipped my brush in and started painting the wall with it.Mum walked in."Well done for making a start,love"she said with a smile,for a change and patted me on the head,gently.She put down her black,shiny bag.Rolled up her sleeves,and began to paint with her brush.

"I have just spoken to the Head Master or Grimshall Community College and he has accepted you into the schhol! Isn't that smashin'!" Mum explained.

"Er yeah sure Mum" I agreed.

"Sweetheart,what's on your mind,I can tell you're distracted" Mum asked symathetically.

"Oh nothing,just thinking about the school Mum,thank you so much for getting me in it's going to be so fun!" I lied.But she believed me and laughed excitedly.

We carried on painting right until dead on 12,lunch time.Mum fixed us both a ham and cucumber sandwhich,a packet of Cheese Grids and an Activia yoghurt.

"Because you've worked so hard,you can have s0me celebrations out of the cupboard" She said as if it was the most magical reward you could ever recieve.

"Oh thanks but I'm not hungry after all of that lunch" I replied,staring into space.

"Suit yourself" Mum said,with a tiny smile.

Meanwhile I was distracted wondering what that noise was earlier,th scream,the moaning and wailing.It frightened me but I couldn;t just stop figuring it out.It haunted me while I was in bed.It haunted me weeks and weekslater and there had been no sound for 2 months


The End

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