When It Happened

We opened the front door again.The house was cold and dark and Mum hadn't sorted out the heating or electricity yet so we all put an extra lair on and went to bed. However I laid on my bed sitting up with my book and a pen and sat silently.

Nothing happened for ther next 27 mins ( I recoreded it) until the door creaked.The curtains floated gently up and down. I was scared,shivering in fact.Then a bony hand pushed the door open and I screamed and screamed but no one could hear me.....

Then I woke.It was all a nightmare.Nothing happened as I went back to sleep. I told myself I was being silly and to calm down and the new day came.

"Breakfast!" Mum shouted.My eyes snapped open and I rushed dowenstairs.

"Great,I'm starving,what's for brekkie?" I asked with a rumbling stomach.

"Museli" Mum said.

"Mum,you know I hate Muesli,it's rabbits food! I'm not eating it!"I complained.

"You will do as I tell you,little Miss" Mum demanded.

"But how come Dad gets bacon and Mason gets scrambled egg and I end up with Museli?" I moan more.

"Your Dad has got  a long day at work at his new job,Mason is going to play group and you need to eat more 'rabbit food' ok because you eat far too much junk!" Mum explained fiercly. So I backed down,eventually. Mum asked me if I could stay here while she went to drop off Mason at Playgroup and sort out the paint,since Dad had already gone to work.I said it was ok and she practically jumped in the car with Mason and drove off.

I thought this was a perfect opportuniy to me to get investigating. But I remembered what Mum had said. "Don't go into Dad's study if I found out you did I won't be happy!"

But I longed to go into it.......and I did.


The End

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