I walked into our new "home" slowly,if you could call it that,and Mum made me rush because everyone needed to get in.They didn't take much notice of the actual house but I couldn't think of anything else.I went upstairs cautiously and prepared.I took my boxes and bags to a room.Ok,so I sort of liked  it and moved in,dosen't make the house any better.

It was a plain room,an old crooked wardrobw lied on the floor almost ready to be thrown out.There was no carpet just wooden floor boards and suprisingly well varnished. There was also and old T.V on he floor black and white and all blury.It obviously had no signal.I went to turn it off and did ,only to find it back on again later. I called Mum and Dad up to come see."I hope this is something important,we have so much to do you know!" Mum sighed but as usual I ignored her.

"I switched this T.V before I came downstairs,and now I've just come back and it's on again,have any of you been up here and turned it on?" I asked

"Destiny is that all we came up here for" Dad said sarcastically.

"You must have left it on,no one has been up here for the last hour and a half,you always miss place things and forget everything"

"But I swear I did..." I began but they were already walking downstairs.

I wrote it in a book so I could keep a track record of the weird mysterious things that were happening in this house. I wrote:

16th June: Old T.V switched off only to find it switched on later,no one had been up the stairs in this time

The next week we all decided to paint and decorate all of the rooms and get all the furniture.We'd been sleeping on matresses for the past week.We went to this weird furiture shop called "The Little Things" I though it smelt liked cream and Mum said it smelt like Cat biscuits. Anyway I had a look around and found a dream bed and luckily Mum said she would buy it.It was a  normal double bed framed with carved oak made to look like wild flowers.It was only £99.99

Mum bourght Mason a car bed,i got bored so easily so I went to look for a wardrobe.I loved ths pink one with red roses and butterflies on it but Dad said I wasn't a baby anymore and even so we couldn't afford it,as it was £339.99

In the end I got a smallish plain white chest of drawers that came with a plain wardrobe all for £100

Then we walked to different shops.Mum and Dad had a small argument about which bed to get.As usual Mum ot her way and had the most expensive King sized water bed. Dad had to buy it though.

We decided to call it a day.Mason was getting hungry and I was eager to get home and check out the night.There had been no mysterious things that had happened so I wanted to investigate further.....



The End

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