Boxes of the Past

"Are we there yet?" I whined.

"Nearly just around the corner it is,our lovely new home!" Mum announced proudly,like she is the estate agent and she's just sold her first house.I rolled my eyes at Mum then stared at the house.It was just the average house 3 bedrooms,kitchen,living room.The usual type.I didn't know why Mum felt that this house was going to be different to our old house.But I did though,it was going to be very very scary.

Dad stopped the engine and got out of the car.Then he beckoned us all to come and help him with our boxes and bags.There was a box with Dad's beer and special wines.A box of my old school stuff which I never wanted to throw away although Mum said it takes up too much space."Now Destiny leave my box of booze alone,do you here me!?" Dad says before I even go to grab it.

So I take my bag with all my clothes,ornaments,books and colouring set into our new house.The door was squeaky and was in need of some serious paint work.I wondered what it was going to be like.Mum opened the door whilst holding 3 bags of her clothes and a box full of her jewels.Dad wa behind us with his box of booze and Mum's makeup,which made him cough,and a few of his clothes in a bundle on his shoulder. Mum opened the door and a shiver went down my spine.The war begins

The End

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