3 Ways To Hell

They say there are 3 ways to hell.But they don't know what it'a like travelling to hell and back three times! One way is my brother trampling on me.He is so annoying he almost suffacates you when he's jumping on your stomach.The second way are my parents.They don't listen or understand me,I just feel like they want to drag me to hell and switch for  a daughter that is seen and not heard.The third and final way to hell is, because of my parents, we get moved into a death trap,next to a DEATH-WRITTEN ALL OVER IT'S FACE-HOUSE.It dosen't sound safe and it isn't.

Anyway I paid as little attention to my family as possible and just shrugged when dad asked me if I'd packed "Enough of this shrugging madam pack or I will do it for you!" Mum screamed at me and in the end she did it! Mum 1 Me 1 ....so far.

When we left, I sort of felt sorry for Mason because he didn't know what was happening to him or where we were going.He was in his car seat next to him,sucking his dummy and mumbling home.

The End

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