Number 7

I knew as soon as I moved in next door to number 7 that we were in for a suprise.I'd heard stories about the house and believe me they were not the nicest stories.I heard that there was a mad woman that lived there and ate  human flesh and killed anyone that enetered the house and then she would drag the victim to her attic and feast on it.

There was another that the ghost of a murderer haunted the place wailing and sending zombies out in the night to find another soul of a child so he could be free.And the zombies had gashes on there faces and some ripped parts of their bodies of or others if they were that hungry!

So I wasn't thrilled when my Mum and Dad told me we were moving.

"Destiny! Come down !" Mum and Dad call in unison.So I leave my facebook page on my computer and head downstairs.

"What now! I'm not looking after Mason again he is so aggresive and messes everything up in my room." I say (by the way Mason is my 2 year old brother)

"We aren't asking you to but we do have some news.We have found a new house." Dad says.

"Ahh cool! I hate this dump,where we moving to then?!" I say impatiently

"Anstey lane babe"Mum shreiks "Isn't it exciting!"

"NO! We will be living next door to a run down scary house,it's not even a house it's a graveyard and HELLO haven't you heard all the stories about it.!" I shout.

I don't care and they are just silly rumors you know better than that Destiny,we are moving there and that's that." Mum snaps.

The End

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