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Erotic fiction. // Alternating narators. // "I had heard the rumours, but I didn't believe them. Then, after a game of spin the bottle at a college party, I got invited in. I got involved. And I didn't take the repercussions seriously. We got lost in it, until there was no way out."

Narrator: Levi Rodriguez

It was late autumn of 2016, my sophomore year of college. I was sitting in a circle amongst my peers. And, I admit, we were being immature. Like high schoolers, there we were, seated around an empty glass bottle on the floor of a student housing unit. We were nearing the end of a game of spin-the-bottle. Of course, it was a co-ed game. And, fortunately for me, we were allowed to kiss more than just the opposite sex. However, my luck wasn't with me. Maybe my spins were rusty.

We were playing a very simple variant of spin-the-bottle. Spinner kisses target, regardless of gender, then the kissee becomes the spinner on the next turn. However, we made the kisses progress in intensity on recurring pairings. It was really just an excuse for our clique to play around a bit and make out. It was harmless fun, and nobody was taking it very seriously.

And for that, I was thankful, because my ex-boyfriend was among the players. But we had a fantastic friendship now that our romantic and sexual relationship was over and done with. And I didn't want to ruin it by fooling around. But in this atmosphere, it was fine.

The last person I'd kissed on the mouth had tasted like cherry cough syrup, and I wanted her taste out of my mouth. She'd clearly been drinking something, after the mouth-spray had been passed around. Gawd, that stuff burned nice.

Nathaniel Dawkins was here, and I was pretty sure, after the flirting we'd been doing online, that he was either going to ask me to go steady or at least be his trick for the night. I preferred the former, but I wasn't quite a stranger to the latter. Especially if it was with him.

I leaned forward on my folded legs, and reached for the bottle.

"It's all in the wrist," said one of the jocks beside me. "Fap-fap-fap."

I took my eyes off the bottle and gave him an awkward sidelong glance.

"Shutup, Reese," said the redheaded young woman who tasted like cherry cough syrup. "Let the poor guy spin."

"I'd like to take you for a spin," he muttered under his breath, but I think I was the only one who heard him.

I held the bottle firmly, and something made the hairs on my forearm stand on end. I gave it a dizzying spin, and waited for it to stop.

If this circle of twelve was the face of a clock, and I was six o'clock, then Nathaniel was seated at ten o'clock.

The bottle stopped spinning, just short of Nathaniel, on his best friend and confidant, Macy. She was seated at nine o'clock. I'd heard she was a 'pixie-dyke', an epicene of understated androgynous beauty. But she was looking at me as if she had no preference.

"Seven minutes in heaven, you two," said our hostess from the twelve o'clock position. This was not the first time tonight that I had spun the bottle in Macy's direction. Nor was it the second. It was the fourth. This marked my first time of the night taking someone to the closet.

As I led her by the hand from one end of the circle to the other, she bent down to whisper to one of her friends, "Don't worry, Leia, it's good practice. He's a great kisser."

That made me blush something fierce. Is there any truth to that? I wondered. I didn't have much to go on.

Reese gave us a cat-call whistle on our way past, and pretended to smack Macy's butt without actually touching her. She noticed in the corner of her eye, spun around, and slapped her had through the air in front of his face, eliciting laughter from the rest of the circle. His eyebrows arched and he turned his face away as if struck.

And then she followed me over the edge of the circle, past the table where Cameron was seated at his laptop, and into the closet.

Funny, I thought college was my chance to get out of the closet, not into it.

Of course, there was a camera in the closet and someone was watching it at all times. So, we had to do something. Otherwise, we wouldn't get our choice of jello shots afterwards. Yeah... I was getting busy with a girl I didn't like just for drinks I could have at home.

She sat on my lap, wrapped her legs around me and placed her hands on my shoulders. Then she looked me in the eye with eerie green eyes.

"Y-you d-don't h–" I stuttered.

"Consider this a scouting mission for Nate." Then, those hands of hers began to pull off my shirt.

I complied, lifting up my arms.

After my shirt was off, Macy spent a long moment appraising a portion of the purple and blue leviathan tattoo that wrapped around my torso, chest and back. It had been an expensive pain, but I was glad it was finally coloured and detailed. Though one of my nipples was pierced, the other made up the eye of the great serpent. I was proud of that beast.

"Turn around, let me have a look at your back," Macy requested, running a finger along my right serratus anterior. She might be a lesbian, but she did find muscles impressive.

I obliged, in what little space there was in the closet. I flexed my back muscles for her, causing the leviathan to wag its tail and gills.

"Wow, you're pretty fit, for an English major." She began lifting off her top. Her breasts were small, like half-lemons. "I guess those pictures you sent him don't lie."

I leaned back onto my hands, against junk in the closet. I had no idea what to say.

"Now, let's satisfy the cameras, shall we?" she asked, groping at me and bringing her lips to my neck.

I was beginning to feel like furniture as she felt me up, so I wrapped my arms around her and leaned us back against a pile of coats. I began kissing her neck softly.

"Are you afraid you'll hurt me or something?" she asked. "My grandmother kisses harder than you."

"Sorry," I said. "I'm just not into this."

"You're pretty sensitive, aren't you?" she asked.

"I guess. What makes you say that?"

"Well, you're not like the other guys... a warm body in a confined space isn't enough to do it for you," she asserted. "And from what Nathaniel's told me, you're not completely gay."

I chuckled. "Umm... I just have my eye on someone specific is all."

"He'll be pleased to hear that," she told me, and then leaned in for a lip-locking kiss.

I obliged her, for the sake of the camera and a jello shot. Her tongue pushed against mine gently until I leaned mine to the side and let her into my mouth.

Macy had a long tongue, I'd seen her showing off earlier and touching the tip of her nose with it. Soon enough, she was tickling the roof of my mouth.

I pulled back in surpise, "Woah. That's..."

"Sensitive indeed," she said. "Or maybe just a spaz."

"Shutup," I teased back.

Someone knocked on the closet door. It was Reese. "Your turn's up. Preeti and I are coming in."

Through the door, Preeti giggled.

I rose to my feet, still crouching down a bit because the closet had a shelf at head-level. I gave her a hand getting up, and then we both reached for our shirts.

"Hurry up!" said Reese.

We walked out shirtless. Thankfully, I hadn't taken off Macy's bra for the sake of the cameras.

"Classy," observed Reese. His phone was out, snapping a picture of us. "Nice tattoo."

Macy scowled. I could tell she wanted to kick his ass.

Preeti looked away awkwardly, as if my tattoo would slink off my skin and attack her.

As Cameron handed us our shots from the table, we went back to the circle.

"Ya missed it," Nathaniel bragged, his kiwi accent music to my ears. To my delight, his hand was on the bottle, about to spin.

"I did?" I asked, cocking up one eyebrow. I slipped my t-shirt back on, tight and black.

"Yup," said cherry cough syrup. I didn't remember her name. "Mason spun Nate. Nate snogged him so hard Mason got wood."

Envy tensed my shoulders. I put on a smile. I turned to Mason, the only black guy in the room. "That good, eh?"

"That was hardly wood," said Mason, trying to grab hold of his fleeting heterosexuality. Then he got cheeky, "Except by white standards."

That got him a few laughs.

"Anything you say, stud," said Nathaniel. "We won't tell your girlfriend."

The circle erupted in laughter.

Mason was shaking his head back and forth in denial.

"Spin," commanded our hostess.

Some of the girls were looking eager.

Nathaniel smirked, and his gentle blue eyes landing on mine.

Macy leaned over and whispered something in his ear, undoubtedly lewd.

A broad grin curved across his handsome face, and my blood rushed south into swelling. It throbbed against my skinny jeans.

My eyes focused on his right hand. There were fine, translucent blond hairs between the joints of his fingers and on the back of his hand. His fingers and thumb spread around the side of the bottle like the limbs of a pouncing cat. Then, his hand vaulted off it, sending it into a series of gyrations near the centre of the circle.

I watched it intently. I was fixated upon it as it slowed. The rotations took longer and longer until I could count them. It passed Margy, out hostess, then Reese at one o'clock, then cough syrup at two, Jesse at three, Preeti's empty spot at four, then Mason at five... and then it stopped at six o'clock. But there was something odd about the way it stopped—too suddenly, as if held in place abruptly.

The neck of the bottle was pointing right at me!

Warm apprehension splashed over me. This was our third pairing of the night. The first had called for a very lovely kiss on the cheek that had, admittedly, lasted too long. The second, however, has already given me the opportunity to kiss him on the lips. I stayed put, unwilling to rise to my feet while sporting an erection. My boners weren't easy to hide, especially in jeans like these. I looked over at him as he licked his lips. Good gawd, I wanted to taste him.

He crawled across the circle from ten o'clock to six o'clock. He grabbed me by the wrists, lifted my hands over and behind my head and pushed all his weight onto me, knocking us over onto the carpeted floor behind me.

"Wuh-hoah!" exclaimed Margy.

"You taught him well, Macy," interjected Leia.

He was on top of me, tilting his head to the side and coming down on me for a kiss. And I was in heaven. As our lips were reunited, he gyrated his hips against me in a clothed frotting and let go of my wrists. I dug my fingers into his golden brown hair and swam my tongue against his. I could tell his mouth had been watering fiercely. He moaned into my mouth and my body shook up against his. Why on earth does he taste so much like caramel?

"Save it for the closet, boys!" chided Mason.

"Geez," said Cameron from where he sat beside the camera-feed. "All you had to do was kiss with tongue."

"I wouldn't mind seeing more of that," admitted Jesse.

I pushed Nathaniel off me playfully and assumed my cross-legged position in the circle.

Macy was grinning at Leia.

I gave the bottle a quick spin. It landed on Margy. That was a first for me.

"Are you gonna come over here, or do I have to crawl over there?" she asked.

I smiled, biting my lower lip and blushing. "You need to come over here."

Leia leaned over and whispered into Margy's ear. Margy grinned and then spoke up. "Actually, Levi, I have a cramp in my left leg, been sitting on it funny. It's gone to sleep."

Jesse and Nathaniel chuckled at this.

"I call bullshit on that one, Leia," I accused.

"What!" defended Macy. "Is it so hard for you to walk across the circle and kiss dear Margy on the cheek?"

Nathaniel snorted, "Yes, if I recall."

Macy punched him in the shoulder.

I began to crawl, from six o'clock to twelve o'clock, around the bottle and over to Margy.

Jesse whistled at me provocatively, watching me crawl.

"Mmm'mmm..." oggled Nathaniel.

I tried to give her a kiss on the cheek but she dodged it and came at me from the side, kissing me on my own cheek.

I retreated, suddenly wondering whether I had left my dignity back in that closet with Macy.

Margy gave the bottle a spin, while Reese and Preeti returned to their seats. A moment later, Reese leaned back so that Margy could lean over him and give cherry cough syrup a kiss from twelve o'clock to two.

Another spin later, and cough syrup was leaving for the closet with Mason.

Then Margy gave the bottle another spin, just to see whose turn it would be next. I watched the bottle's spin slow until I could follow its path: Macy at nine to Nathaniel at ten to Abby at eleven to Margy opposite me. And it kept going, slower still, from Reese at one o'clock to cough syrup's spot at two o'clock to Jesse at three... to Preeti at four... to Mason at five... to me at six o'clock—to Zoe. Despite how late it was in the game, this was Zoe's first spin.

"Finally!" she exclaimed. "I'm tired of being just an observer."

Mason and cough-syrup assumed their seats, and something told me it hadn't been seven minutes in heaven. Oh well.

She spun it again, with minimal force, and as it slowed, I watched it go from Jesse to Preeti to Mason to me to Zoe to Leia to Macy to Nathaniel.

I gulped. I didn't want to watch her kiss Nathaniel on the cheek. My stomach knotted at the thought of it. I closed my eyes and looked down.

"Levi, it's not him," whispered Mason.

I looked up.

Cameron has joined the game, taking Nathaniel's spot. My heart sunk, to know that Nathaniel was taking a break from the game.

Zoe moved back into place.

Cameron spun.

It landed on me.

I blinked, startled. Then, as I processed the situation, I frowned. Cameron, too, had done the math. He was squirming.

"Is he playing as a new player or taking over for Nathan?" I asked. If he was taking over for Nathan, it meant that he and I had to go to the closet now.

"A new player," said Cameron, not wanting to get hot and heavy with another guy, even though we all knew he could get away with just wrestling me in the closet for a shot. I didn't take it personally. After all, he was going steady with Abigail.

"Ehhh... let's give him half of Nate's pairing scores. Kiss on the lips, guys," ordered Margy.

"That's not so bad," I told him.

Cam smiled at me awkwardly as he crawled over. "As long as your wood is gone."

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, you're not really my type."

He kissed me on the lips for the necessary ten seconds and then backed away quickly. "I'm sorry if that was homophobic," he blurted.

I spun the bottle. It landed on Jesse.

"This is my seventh trip to the closet," Jesse intoned. "That means I'll win, right?"

"Umm... yeah, that's right," said Margy. "As long as you two don't lose momentum and force us to resume the game. I guess we can get out the poker chips now."

"Reese and I are gonna play some video games now, if that's okay with the ladies," said Mason.

"I'm in!" said Macy. "Leia and I will play whatever it is, if you've got four controllers and headsets."

"That we do, little lady," Reese grinned.

"Fine," said Margy. "Who's in for poker?"

"I'll deal," said Cameron.

"Me!" said cough syrup.

"I'll join next round," said Abby, from where she now sat with Nathaniel at the video-feed on Cameron's laptop. "I'm watching the closet."

"Voyeur," I sneered.

Jesse grabbed me by the arm, "C'mon, Levi. I can't win the game without you."

"You're such a tramp," I teased.

"You love it," answered Jesse, running a hand through his curly locks of brown.

"I'll be watching... very carefully," said Nathaniel, his accent turning me on so much.

Abby assumed controls of her boyfriend's laptop's iTunes. "Put on some Fynn Farrell."

An intoxicated Jesse led me by the arm into the dimly lit closet, and closed the door behind us. I looked up at the camera and smiled at Nathaniel and Abby, whom were presumably watching us. I noticed there was a speaker mounted beside it.

"You've been going to the gym regularly these days," pointed out Jesse. "It's showing."

"Are you still as soft-skinned as ever?" I asked.

A split-second later, I heard the sound of something heavy being dragged across the carpet on the other side of the door.

"What the fuck was that?" asked Jesse. Panic surrounded the tranquil depths of his green eyes, forestlike green gems I was no longer willing to get lost in.

I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge because there was something behind it. "They've put something behind the door. It won't budge."

"Guys, this isn't funny!" Jesse yelled.

A female spoke to us from the speaker, Abigail, "We're not going easy on you like Cameron did the other six times you were in here, Jesse."

Jesse was furious, "Abby, I swear to God, if you don't let us out of here, I'll—"

"You'll what?" asked Nathaniel, speaking into the laptop's microphone. "You're trapped, mate. Time to put on a show."

"Do I get a prize for this?" asked Jesse.

"Your prize is standing right beside you, short-stuff. Like Macy said, he really is a great kisser. Give him hell. But he's mine when you're done!"

I couldn't help but laugh. This was too precious. Someone had tipped Nathaniel off about how Jesse and I used to date. Nathaniel had me trapped in an enclosed space with my ex-boyfriend. I knew exactly what his game was. He wanted to make sure it was really over between Jesse and I.

"We're not letting either one of you out of there until one of you cums," said Abigail.

"And you've only got seven minutes," added Nathaniel, "or we're leaving you in there all night."

"Seven minutes?!" cried Jesse, pausing to remove his blue v-neck t-shirt. "The average guy takes eleven!"

"I'm on anti-depressants, there's no way we're pulling that off!" I tried to reason. "Not humanly possible."

"I only said one of you has to cum, Levi. So I guess you better hurry. Your seven minutes starts... now!"

The End

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