Battle RageMature


"about five minutes sir," the marines called. I saw the helicopter in the distance, saw it crash to the ground.

"DAMN IT!" I yelled, readying my shotgun.

But form the wreckage I glimpsed a few more marines limping towards us, at the same tim the shapeshifter was right near us, huge and vicous looking.

It was on top of us, pouncing high and crashing into the lookout post which snapped and collapsed under it's wight. My marines were mauled.

Right then a shot hit it's flank. I turned to see a marine with a sniper trained on it. The other marines engaged, firing rounds on their assault rifles, but it ignored the pain and leapt out of the way.

At that moment another human appeared, the Shifter leapt over us and chased him. He shot at it but it's charge didn't faulter.

I gave it a shot in the side and it was knocked on it's side.

The Reptile-tailed demon leapt onto a tent and made a piercing, roar.

There were several answering calls and more Shifters appeared.

"Great," I grunted, "Alright marines, fire at will, FIRE AT WILL!" I roared and charged up to the beast, letting off shot after powerful shot, half crazed with a fervent battle rage.

The End

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