Jim: A new battleMature

I walked over with such relief that I have found  human. To top that humans with machines. It didn't take me long to reach the encampant but it seemed to burst with assualt rifle fire. Is it just my luck or do I just attract trouble. I fed another phosphorus clip into my gun and cocked the frozen thing. I switched on a heater to maximize effeciency. I checked my secondary function trigger one shot left. From there I proceeded to charge into the encampment my gun held ready to fire at any moment. I came around the corner and a bunch of marines where firing at a shapeshifter I never seen before.

It didn't terrify me any differently than what I usally see but this one was faster and stronger.  It jumped towards me. I rolled out of the way and began firing at it. The bullets burst into flames as they whizz by it.  I think it just move out of the bullets path. if it did my secondary function trigger was going to save my life. As the shapeshifter ran vicously towards me. I opened fire until it came close enough for a direct hit from my secondary. Just before it came into its range a shotgun blast sent it into another direction.

" Thanks."  I yelled to him but I turned to be ready for the shapeshifters next move.

The End

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