Connor; Back-upMature

"This is Master Sergeant Asbury, requesting back-up on my position.  I repeat, this is Sergeant Asbury, requesting back-up on my position.  If anyone can hear this, there may be an elder shifter here, and we are not armed well enough to kill it."

Well, looks like my new CO managed to get himself in a bind... I guess we should go help him out.

I turned to the pilot and said, "Corporeal, do you have coordinates for Asbury's science mission?"

"No, but if he keeps broadcasting then we can triangulate his position."

"Sergeant Asbury, this is Sergeant Connor, keep broadcasting so we can find you.  I've got a couple of soldiers with me, and we are on our way.  ETA is..." I looked over at the pilot.  She mouthed fifteen minutes to me.  "...15 minutes."

"We may not have that long Connor, pick up the pace."

"Roger that."


2 minutes out...

"Okay men, we have a lightly armed science team pinned down near here, we are to protect them from an elder shape-shifter, so lock and load.  Check your gear.  We need to be at 100% to take this thing down."

My "soldiers" were mostly untrained civilians.  Their weapons were outdated, and none of them had ever fired a live round.  So basically, three soldiers were going to help defend the science team, while the rest of the squad cowered in terror.

I began checking my own gear, and since I kept it in good shape, I was ready.  The civilians were not so lucky.  Military surplus weapons from a couple decades ago... this would not go well.

"Corporeal, I'm on the .50, try and get me an angle."

A loud bang on the side of the helicopter drew may attention.  The drive shaft for the tail rotor was spinning wildly against the fuselage.

"Scratch that, everyone hold on, we are going down, HARD!  Get us as close to the science team as you can!"

Why does this always happen to me...?

The End

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