Field Testing Part 2Mature

The encampment ranged of several yards, tents around an expanse of frozen land.

At the centre, the scientist was overlooking a large machine that was defrosting the ice and snow. The marines kept a look out on a crude, quickly made lookout post as the chopper waited silently to take us out.

"How's it goin Harper?" the scientist shrugged.

"Fine I suppose, just waiting on the damn heater to get through, there must be a meter of ice down there!" I nodded and checked the two marines.

"We have movement in the distance but I can't make it out, it's too fast, making too much of a mess," I readied myself, sounded like one of those damn elder shifters. This could be a problem.

"How long will it take Harper?"

"Still two hours just to get through this ice, I estimate, then about five hours to test the serum why?"

"Because we may not have that much time."

The torrent of snow and dust came closer and larger.

I gripped my shotgun hard, checking my belt for my grenades. Maybe I should arrange some backup.

The End

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