Connor: Seeking RedemptionMature

Well, this is nice.

I had basically doomed the human race, and yet I was givin a chance to at least try to fix it.  Still, it was a babysitting mission basically.  Go and pick up some civilians.  The last time I was told to do that, we were helping evacuate Pheonix.  And then the nukes detonated.  So I, being brighter than the civilians, drove to an underground parking lot.  They all complained because they weren't able to leave.  Well, they all tried to leave, and died from radiation exposure.  I know, because they were only a block from the parking lot. 

Well, it might go better this time at least.  Who am I kidding... They will probably all be dead by the time I get there.  And then what am I going to tell my new boss.  Yeah, I'm sorry, if we had gotten there 5 minutes sooner we would have them.

I'll give it a shot at least.  I wen't to my quarters and got suited up.  A brand new combat/environmental suit was waiting in the closet.  I had a pretty good selection of arms at my disposal.  I grabbed my trusty assault rifle, a couple of sidearms, several knifes, and my S&W 500 revolver.  It may be a little old, but it's not only a magnum, but a .50 magnum.  That translates to;  dead enemies.  I also decided it was best to grab my sniper rifle.

I walked to the hanger and met the Corporal.

"Well, it seems you have more weapons than our entire armory." she said, joking.

"I guess I do, don't I?  But then again, I also purchased most of mine.  Maybe the military could ask me for a loan."  It was very hard to keep a straight face.  We both laughed.

"Well, am I ever going to learn your name?"

"Maybe..." She was going to be difficult wasn't she...

The End

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