Getting out aliveMature

I finally fixed up my wound to my back , but the price to pay for that little fix was to put my body into a chill. I'm wearing several layers of insulative clothing but nothing can stop a chill unless you've got a nice soup. I could die for a good soup.  Inside the Crevass it was pitch black , I didn't want to waste preciousse batteries to find my way around , so I tried to rig a hand powered light. That killed the flashlight. It looked like finding my way around is going to consist of night vision, and bumping into ice walls.I was just hoping I didn't bump in to a walker or shapeshifter. I didn't get my wish.

As I continued to walk through the empty crevasse in the dark. I glowing eyes in the distance.

" Walkers." I cursed quietly. 

I reached for my gun , and Fed it a fresh clip of my very own phospourus bullets. Lets just hope they are not hungry.

I should stop wishing and hoping becuase it seems i get the opposite of it everytime.  I heard screeches and many more glowing eyes. Do they have civillization done here? I didn't want to know.  I made the firt move shooting the bullets that when broke exploded due to the reaction between phosphorus and air mixing. The walker torches prvided me with a better view of there numbers. It was a sea of walkers.

" What the hell? No fair!" I yelled. 

I went running into a narrow tunnel insided the crevasse. I turned my  my body sideways to make quick shots to occupie a few walkers. The flames also helped me see.  I looked forwards to see I was sandwhiched between very hungry walkers.  There was another tunnel up ahead 10 meters. I didn't think I had chance to make it. I took it anyways seeing there was no other options.  By some miracle I missed the hungry hands of walkers and got into the tunnel. I shot the oncoming walkers frantically. It was endless. Even though the flames made more casualties it didn't stop them.  Click , click. 

The clip was empty. I reached into one of my many pockets getting a new one. I fumbled with the clip wasting time as I running slower trying to reload. The walkers where gaining on me. I raised the gun blowing holes into the hungry buggers.  I continued firing and grabbed another clip in my hand to be more prepared. I turned forwards allowing my adrenaline rush to propel me forwards. The tunnel began a slow but uphilled slope. An exit?  I looked back a walker was rate behind me. I let the gun drop from my arms lettting it hang from my shoulder on its strap. I grabbed my combat knife from shoulder, and gutted the bastard.

Bad idea should shot it , more came with rage. One  attempted to tackle me but last moment I got free by slitting it's throat.  I went sliding forwards a bit. I got my gun back in my hands and shot a storm of lead at them. I got back up , in my legs and steadily walked backwards. When the clip emptied I took to running agian.  I reloaded the gun.  up ahead I could see promising light. I jolted forwards grabbing a grenade in hand I didn't need to worry about collapshing the ice. only collapsing it on them. 

I shot out of the tunnel back onto the surface. The tunnel collapsed I was saved! I got up and padded myself making sure I wasn't hurt.  Once I stopped marvelling at how I was still alive I check out my surrounding, and what I saw made me happier in the distance I could see steam , and human machinery in use.

The End

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