Field TestingMature

I sighed, my head in my hands. I breathed into them and put my hands on the desk, looking at the Sergeant.

“Ok, here’s what we are going to do,” he sat up, listening intently, trying to redeem himself, “we’re going to put it down to massive enemy attack, we’re going to rebuild the facility and appeal to the top to pay for an advanced defence system and you’re going to be in charge of the whole thing, got it Sergeant?” He nodded, “good.”

There was a knock at the door and Corporal Hayes stepped in. She walked over to the desk, acknowledged the Sergeant and handed me a report.

“We found a group of civilians in this area,” she pointed at the large aerial photo, “there was a large group of them comprising of Emily Weathers and Jack Meyer, Marie Conner and James Conner, Anthony Rider a candidate and Selene Rider, also candidate,” she winked at me, “I told you to send me and I brought in the goods didn’t I, but that’s not all, I found a large group of Walkers, they’re recruiting.”

“Excellent,” I smiled at her, “fantastic work Corporal, go get ready to move again, I’ve got some field testing to do,” I rounded on the Sergeant who had been lost in thought, he snapped to attention at my gaze, “I want you to do the rounds, see if you can find more civilians,” he nodded and exited with the Corporal.

Turning on the Portable Holocom I sent two messages, one to Command asking for a meeting and one to Sergeant John Holland, Head of Intel. He would be interested in this.

For once I smiled and lit up a cigar. Taking a large puff of smoke I found the Corporal waiting for me in the hangar.

“Where to Sergeant?” she asked.

“How about Shaver Lake, Sierra National Forrest, California,” it had been a while since I’d seen that place.

I had my shotgun slung over my shoulder and a pouch on my waist holding some serum. We may not have a Science department but I could still test this thing.

Finally the chopper set off. There were seven of us, two pilots, a medic, a scientist and two other Corporals carrying m16s, bayonets and magnums. This was gonna be a tight one, we didn’t have the firepower any more, the human population was starting to dwindle, we were dying. This was our only hope.

The End

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