Sgt. Connor: RelaxingMature

After flying for 3 hours, I had finally landed at Nucleon.  The guards insisted that I get a full physical.  They think the shape-changers can change into other people now?  Idiots...

Once I had proven to them that I was the same 6'2", 237 pound man who had joined the Marines 3 years ago, they showed me to their commander.  He was a Master Sergeant, not much higher in rank than I was.

"Welcome to Nucleon, last hope for humanity.  Your quarters are on level 8, and you have free run of the entire facility.  So, go, get cleaned up, and report back here in oh...say... 1300 hours for a debrief."  Not the kind to beat around the bush I guess.

I replied, "Yes sir."

"You don't have to address me as 'sir'.  It's not like I'm really old or something.  Just call me Jack."


I unlocked the door to my quarters, and it was far nicer than I had expected.  There was a gun case in the corner, so I put my guns in it.  There was a change of clothes in the dresser.  I changed into a T-shirt and a very comfortable pair of pants, especially for the military.

I turned the holo-projector on, and looked at the map of the facility.  I saw a gym on my level, and went there to relax.

In the gym, there was a weight room and a boxing ring.  The gym was empty except for a couple of civilians lifting weights.

"Hello gentlemen, how long you been here at Nucleon?" I asked, trying to start a conversation.  Why do I even bother... I hate people anyway.

"We have been here almost a week.  There is nothing to do here.  The military personnel all try to avoid us civilians for some reason.  I just don't understand what the big deal is."

Your civilians, of course you wouldn't understand.  Never cared that we give our lives for you, only that it was costing you money to have us defend freedom.

"Well, I guess I'm gonna lift some weights."  I said.

A half hour later, I started towards my debrief.


"Close the door."

Oh, this ought to be good...

"What the hell happened out there?  That facility was one of the most secure we had.  How did the shape-changers get loose?"

"Well, we exposed them to radiation, trying to prevent them from changing.  One of them ended up with the opposite effect.  She grew stronger.  She tripped the defense systems trying to escape, and I left just in time to survive.  Everyone else had to have been killed by the defenses."

"You have no idea what you were actually doing, do you?  The experiments were not to prevent them from changing, but to use them to repair the damage to the atmosphere and the land.  That was the only facility we had that we could do the research at.  Now that it's gone, we are going to have to wait a thousand years for the earth to be fixed.  Good job Sergeant."

"Oh god... what have I done..."

The End

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