Mother NatureMature

 I made my way up the cliff again, I loved being so high up where the mountains met the sky; later on you will see why. I sat on the edge of the chasm, my feet dangling off the edge; I gazed down at the people beneath. This was where fate was woven strongly. Many of those that controlled the fate of the world had passed through here. Beneath, it was a sickening view and a hopeful one.  Humans and shape-shifters living together, it was good they had decided to work together instead of destroying the earth further but my guess was that this was where the first skin-walker was made. I didn’t really need humans for anything, stupid two-legs. Other than entertainment; I believed that shape-shifters should rule but we are only meant to take a back seat, protect the Earth. For them what to just destroy it!?

“You know we are protectors. That is our job, Wolf.”  I hear his voice drift on the winds behind me; he had found me, again. “I see I need to keep you calm, again.” He laughed, taking a seat beside me. “Raven, it is good to see you.” I smiled, wrapping my arms around him. It really was.

Raven was my mate, we had been pulled apart during the war; but it seemed our stories had brought us together again. He had black ruffled hair that was adorned with feathers. His eyes were shining black orbs, just like a ravens. But the main, striking feature about him would be the giant pair of black wings that protruded from his back. Because of these he could wear no top; instead he simply wore a pair of black bear fur trousers that had feathers sewn randomly about them. My finest work if I don’t say so myself.  He smiled, his slightly grey skin shimmering in the sun. He still wore his raven feather bracelets upon each wrist. “You still have them, but they are horrible!” I moaned, grabbing his wrist gently.

“They’re not that bad, they were the first thing you made for me. I’m not about to let them go am I?” He ran his fingers through my hair and I kissed his cheek softly. “What brings you here Raven?” This may have seemed a cold question, but fate normally only brings us together when our stories coincide. He is my mate, along with him there is the elder of the sea and elder of calamity. You see, I am elder of land, Raven the elder of sky. Each one of us representing a part of nature, together we form the mother.

“The story has been woven strongly here.” He nodded rather seriously then continued with a smile “plus I wouldn’t pass up the chance to see you.” Yeah, of course he wouldn’t; seeing as the last time he saw me was when the war started.

“You heard from the others?” I asked concerned, calamity would have no place now the earth was permanently frozen.  Also with the sea no longer controlling most of the world his power would be weaker; when Raven shook his head I only became more anxious. “I’m worried about them...” I mumbled and Raven pulled me closer to him. “Don’t be. You know they can handle themselves.”

Personal Note: If anyone wishes to create calamity or Sea feel free but they have to be opposite genders to keep things even. Also Sea has to be an animal of the sea, Calamity can be anything, possibly reptile? I dunno. Anyway, thanks. Just ideas for characters, the elders must only watch, protect according to fate they can interact with people but they must hide who they truly are.


The End

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