Falcon: In a world of peaceMature

We were falling. It seemed endless, but I could see the snowy ground from here. I could hear the screams form the people around me.

"We'll be alright!" I scream again. I think that was probably the tenth time I said it. The ground was only a few metres away.


That was ice covering... a casm. We were still falling. I then saw a rope bridge. I try to grab onto it, but my fingers slip and I cut myself from the major rope burn. I see a river down below.

"We are going to die!" I hear seom one scream beside me.

"No we arn't! Everyone! Keep your bodies as striaght as you can when we hit the water." I yell. But I say something that cuaght my eye. Humans, and shape-shifters. This must be what that girl was talking about Where humans and shape-shifters live in peace.


The water leaves us all unconious.

I wake up with a few humans' faces far too close to mine.

"The kiss of life really works!" A human yells. They all laugh. I sit straight up in a flash.

"Where are the others," I demand.

"Don't worry pumkin, they're all right," He says with a wink.

"Human, take me to them." I order.

"The name's Tex darlin' an' I'd be happeh to."

The End

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