Jim: The bitter coldMature

I wasn't sure if I would last the night due to three things the skin walker shape shifters , and the bloody cold.  I took caffine pill I was going to all night this.   It was like a constant blizzard out here some parts of the snow would callapse to reveal large holes of death , or crevasses.  For that I carried crampons. Red Ice had formed on my jacket from the fight ealier. If this was the time before the nukes I would have look like physcopatic murderer.  I stumbled over my frozen legs burying myself in the snow.  I had to move as mush as I wanted to lay there I would be frozen stiff literally.  I struggled to get myself causing a collapse I just found my self a crevass.  My little patch of snow plummeted into the icy depths and I lost concioussnes. 

I wake up my jacket frozen to the ground from my own blood.We atleast I'm not going to bleed out. I thought.  I gripped my gun. I hoped I didn't screw this one up. I hit the secondary fucntion trigger. Which happened to shoot heat waves that usually torched my enemeys to death.  The heat in the crevasse shot out of the opening which I had uncovered.  It was good enough to pry myself off my back and onto my feet.  I checked the wound to the best of my ability. It looked like I was going to have to put a heat pack on the wound and cover it up.  Didn't want to freeze my self from the inside. Now was not the time to do it though I needed to find a way out. 

I looked at the slope of the wall out  it was going to be near impossible to climb out without ice axes. My other choice trek through the crevass and hopefully find a way out.  "Maybe I might come to find a human settelment down here." I muttered



The End

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