Wolf; The Winter WandererMature

When the black cloud finally settled I had found my coat was no longer its shimmering white; I realised I may have to change back to my original form. There was a small hot-spring just a little way from here, I could change there. Oh! How rude, you can call me Wolf. That’s not my real name but that will do; you don’t need to know my real name.

When I approached the spring I changed back, my white skin was slightly tinted blue, the same bright blue that were the colour of my eyes. I pulled off the band of fur that I used as a... a, what did they call it, “head band?” Allowing my blonde-white hair to spill over my shoulders I then moved onto my wolf skin and fur dress. Slipping it over my slender form I began to enter the hot spring, my skin glowed as the soot left my body. As I sat in the pool I rested my arms on the sides, looking up at the crystal blue skies.

I suppose you’re wondering what part I play in this, where this story is going, indeed who am I? Well, the first two questions I shan’t answer, I would not like to change destinies. As for the last I am Wolf, second eldest elder of the true shape-shifter clans. Now, I know you already know about shape-shifters and skin-walkers, but what do you know really?

We, I am the first true skin-walker I walked the Earth before this happened, before you even had the technology to destroy the Earth. The nuclear reactions mutated some of our genes with humans; thus making the weaker shape-shifters you see around now. They then mated with humans and diluted the blood even more. If a skin-walker ever mated with a human the child would be completely human; it is that bad. We have always been in hiding, we always will be this war changes nothing.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention; you can tell we are shape-shifters, true shape-shifters by our two-leg form. We have pointed ears like our thinner blood counter-parts. But we have, I have a pair of wolf ears and a tail, along with wolf eyes (the eyes stay in any form). Our animal is pre-determined at birth. That will be our main form we can however change into any other animal we choose. Never have there ever been two shape-shifters with the same animal. When one shape-shifter dies the spirit is passed onto the new-born. We can see the future; we know when we are going to die.

I’m sorry, this must be terribly boring. But history is as important as the present and more than the future. What happens next is not important either; I simply got out of the spring and shook myself dry before getting dressed and tying my hair back with the fur head band. I blinked my wolf eyes could see past the trees and I knew the humans scented difference.

As I walked silently through the forest I wondered what I was going to do next. I found myself in a part of the forest where the trees were far and few between. Blue light filtered through the foliage lighting the snow and the flowers that protruded from beneath it. Snow drops, I loved snow drops coupled with a few blue bells here and there adorned with a shining layer of frost. How could you ever think to destroy such beauty?

The End

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