Eyes OnlyMature

I sat in command, leaning back on my chair whilst flicking my lighter on and off.

Suddenly my holocom flashed red, reading eyes only!

I looked around and took it off the mainframe. My portable holographic computer flashed green.

2 Messages for: Master Sargaent Jack Asbury

High Priority

Highly Confidential

Level One clearance required

I placed my thumb on the metal grip pad and typed my name on the keypad that appeared on the holograph along with several passwords and security questions.

1st Message

After the lab was left in ruins, I think it is neccessary we tighten security, I have placed a list of newly developed security measures that will prevent further catastrophes. Follow the links for further information of prices etc.

A-77 Automated Sentry Gun - motion and thermal sensors, fires at the unique heat patterns given off by Changers and Walkers.

Anti Changer Displacer - prevent transformations in an area and weakens motor sensory of their unique brain paths.

Changer Sensory Probes - Able to detect presence of Changers within 1 mile equipped with taser, automated chainguns and electromagnetic energy shield.

Portable Energy Shield - able to provide highly charged, destructive shields that can cover massive areas via portable shield chains.

I laughed, even I couldn't afford any of this crap for my department.

2nd Message

In reply to your previous message, we are happy to inform you our tests have made a considerable leap thanks particularly to the blood of one particular Changer.

I found your note on anatomy and geneology laughable, we perfected that a long time ago. Here are the possibilities within range due to our new results.

1) human hybrid shape changing - considerable progress in this area, the serum now allows temporary change of shape with limited behavioural change and enhanced human brain patterns in animal form.

2) Anti Shape Changing Serum - Although it is currently temporary, like an anaesthetic, work is currently being done on making a cure, the current problem is each gene for change is unique however a master serum which affects all of them is in effect, close to completion.

3)Their blood acts as almost an organic parasite that has the potential to detoxify the atmosphere and clean the soil to once more make the world inhabitable and allow for life.

This was the one factor in this whole charade that kept me going, that made all my actions feel right. I would do anything to heal this world that man destroyed, make up for mans actions. And if a few Changers had to die to make that dream a reality, so be it.

I sighed and picked up a microphone, readying myself for a Radio Transmission.

The End

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