Jim Carson: They killed them.Mature

we where walking through an abandonned city. Two of us were killed by the  cold  another 4 died because there filters needed replacing. This was the average everyday from a group that used to consist of 100 humans what is left is 25. I calculated letting my beaten and scarred gun hang loose by my side. The group I traveled with tried to be military but the only one who military was me. I still wore my sargent stipes on my arms.  

" Jim cover our backs take the back make sure nothing comes up behind us." I was told by the so called leader

" Yeah alright." I snorted. I should be the one in command here. But I was not much for leading anyways so I let the ediot do it but he came to me for advice anyways so it wasn't really an issue. 

I took the rear making sure no desperate skin walkers try to canibilize us or shapeshifters.  Unfortunetly it wasn't the behind that should have been worried about it was the front.

Screams of pain and guns firing brought me to my sense the. I couldn't see them.

" Crap no target to fire at." I ran  forwards. A skin walker leaped for me. I shot the thing in the chest it landed in front of me dead.  I contined to fire until there was nothing left to fire at. My group was dead. 

" Fuck!" I yelled into the emptiness of the nuclear winter. 

I didn't like the thought but it was survival time I stripped my former teamates of food and clips for my gun.  I heard a rumor area 51 was full of survivors. No one here believed it. They thought it was only hope like religion it didn't exist. I had nothing to lose making the journey.  I loaded the gun put a scope on it. The gun was an aussualt rifle I found an soldier whe blew his brains out.  I never seen anything like it but the thing kept me alive and thats all that mattered.

The End

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