Contraptions Of Mechanical ChaosMature

I felt the smooth ice beneath my claws, the wind ruffling through my fur as I stood atop the cliff; overlooking everything. My great muzzle lifted to the sky I drew back my lips into a low howl. The eternal winter sun made my white fur glow beneath its gaze and I closed my azure eyes; allowing its warmth to take over my body. A low growl forced its way from my throat as a human helicopter thundered past, disrupting my peace and the peace of the forest.

The forest seemed disturbed by the machine’s presence. The snow-white leaves danced as the wind blew them, and the boughs bent away from the unearthly creation. It landed in a clearing in the middle of the forest and its blades stopped, deceiving the trees for a moment with its silence. I watched it through narrow eyes, my ears pinned back; still half-deafened by its previous roar.

Before the war, the land was peaceful. My cliff overlooked a luscious emerald green forest that was alive with the chirps of birds, the howls of wolves and the scurrying off all the smaller creatures. I used to enjoy the hunt, well I still do the prey has just gotten larger. I opened my eyes and howled again, running down the cliff’s edge, straight down. The humans and their anger created this desolate, barren ice-land and with it mutated some of them into my kind. But you can never truly beat a full-blood shape-shifter. But of course we are dead, hidden. We are the elders that perished in the war; right.

I had seen these contraptions before; their mechanical structure was not unknown to me. I searched the site for humans and sure enough they were armed, I ran around barking and of course; being the idiotic, jumpy creatures they are they fired at me. Now with a few well-aimed shots...Boom. The oil tank would explode and take them with it. Of course being the devious creature I was this was easy. Soon I found myself running, the wind ruffling through my fur and the frozen ground beneath my claws. The smell of smoke and fire in the air, it felt well, amazing, destroying these contraptions. I let out another howl of victory as I ran through the forest, escaping the toxic cloud of smoke that followed me.

But the war still raged on; despite lives lost.

The End

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