Unknown Girl: The Two RulesMature

‘This is Sergeant Tim Conner' the radio crackled, ‘calling any human base near the Echo 1 research facility. Out studies went awry, and everyone in the base has been killed. I am in a jet that... the details are classified, but um.. I have a problem. You see, I was trained as a Marine, not a pilot. I would appreciate someone telling me how to fly this beast' .

Idiots. I thought. ‘I was trained as a Marine not a pilot.' Pathetic! You learn how to fly a bloody plane, not whine through the radio, or at least die trying.
I shoved the radio in my satchel bag and through it on my shoulder. It was getting lighter by the day and I was getting annoyed. I was freezing my butt off and had hardly any water supply left. ‘come to Nucleon. Former Area 51 and survive the nuclear winter!' well I would, if you gave me directions! Luckily I kind of knew where it was. But it was inevitably hard to find, as everything was covered in white mushy stuff. Also know as snow.  The bass was north from where I am and I was going to get there, one way or another.

I walked alone, and I was happy that way. Nobody gave a shit about me, and I didn't give a shit about them. Everybody's happy.

I knew exactly how all this crap started. Nuclear war. Simple.  The Taliban got hold of nukes and so did America, Iran and China. All for there own. England didn't have anything because there arsehole of a Prime Minister didn't believe M15's security sector. As I said, arsehole.

I had my 9mm berretta, silencer, as many rounds as I could get hold of, rope, water purifying tablets, bottles, bandages, and the basic first aid kit. Basically my life on my back.

I lived by two rules:
1.No names. You want to give yours, I don't care, but you aint getting mine.
2.If you get me into your shit, I will break you. You Don't get into mine. I won't get into yours.

That's probably what you get for working for the SIS for 5 years.

I pulled my hood up and wiped snow off my boots, and started walking. Better start to find this mysterious Area 51 one then.

The End

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