Um.... I'm a marine not a pilot...Mature

"Have fun jumping from this height."  I slammed the skin-walkers head against the side of the jet, and put a sizable dent in it.

Falcon said something incomprehensible as she and the others jumped from the plane.  I ran over to the door, but they were already long gone.  I tossed the dead skin-walker out the door and closed it.  With a sigh I walked to the cockpit.

I was surprised to find that there was no pilot.  This might be a problem.  I sent out a call on the emergency channel.

"This is Sergeant Tim Connor, calling any human base near the Echo 1 research facility.  Our studies went awry, and everyone in the base has been killed.  I am in a jet that... the details are classified, but um... I have a problem.  You see, I was trained as a Marine, not a pilot.  I would appreciate someone telling me how to fly this beast."

A short time later a call came over the radio, "This is Nucleon, we have a pilot on the channel to guide you to us."

The End

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