The JumpMature

Bastards. How dare they expieriment on me, but I guess I should thank them. Right when I entered the radiation filled room, I could feel myself starting to change, mentally and physically. No apperence change, but man were they in for a suprise. I played along with their cruel little game right until they put me inside a "spiecal" cell. I could see that nobody else was in there. Just as they lock me in,

I call out, "Wait! I have something to show you!" They turn in annoyance. I grab the bars with my two hands and bend them making the space big enough for me to fit through it. I run at the two guards at full speed. They were so shocked. The looks on their faces made me want to burst out laughing. Human's are so pathetic. I push them lightly aside and that sent them both flying across the room, hitting their heads off the wall, and knocking them uncoincious. I run out from the room they were keeping me in. The Shift-shapers and the skin-walkers. I have to save them. I run down the hall, and push any Cadet, Piolet, or whoever else that was in the cursed place, that got in my way.

I now am braking the bars on their cell. They all look at me with smilling face and astonishment that I made it out alive.

"We have to move," I say to them. On my way here, I thought I saw a sliding door exit. I run in that direction, the gorup folowing cles behind. I could hear the advanced security system sound off an alarm. The sound makes me want to scream in agony it is so loud. I try to cover my ears but it doesn't help. It's like the sound is ringing inside my head. Typical. They would use these kind of alarms.

I see the door ahead.

"Not so fast," I hear a voice say behind us. Some how the Sergeant  got a hold of one of the few female skin walkers in our escape party. He held a gun to her head, and his arm around her throat. She starts to kick and scream.

"Save yourselves! There's a cave not to far form here where Skin walkers, Shift-shapers and even Humans live togetether in harmony! Just head south!" She screams. We nod. I salute her, but then her whole head turns into a snake head, and she bites the Sergeant's arm. Oh... Not good. I opened the sliding door. A blast of wind camein through the door. All I can see are black clouds that swirl around the jet. The ground is no where to be seen.

"Have fun jumping from this hieght,' He laughs while pushing the girl. She hit the wall, and passes out. Her head turning back to it's original form.   

"Everyone hold onto me," I yell. Everyone grabs on, and together we jump out of the flying jet, 100 of feet above sea level.

The End

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