Tests, Tests, and More TestsMature

"Clean this mess up Privates.  And be careful, she's more dangerous than the others."

I walked from the interrogation chamber to the command center.  Without even knocking, I walked into my CO's office.  He looked up from his paper work and said, "What do you want?"

"I want permission to use the prisoners for study.  If we can find a way to weaken them, then maybe we can deploy it on a mass scale to def-"

"Yes, I know what you want to do.  Go ahead, do whatever you want, but try to get something out of it at least."

"Yes sir."

I walked back down to the testing chamber and told the guards on duty to go and get a prisoner.  They returned with a teenage, Benjamin or something like that.  He wasn't especially strong, and died within 2 minutes from the radiation.  I sighed and said, "Dispose of this thing and go get me another one.  Get that new one, Falcon I think it was.  She seemed more resilient than the others, maybe she will survive long enough to get some results."

They returned soon, with the prisoner close behind.  She managed to break the handcuffs on her hands, and leaped at me.  I brought up the butt of my rifle and hit her in the left temple.  "Get her in the chamber, before she tries to do something and we have to kill her."  I turned to the scientist at the controls and told him to give her an extremely high dose.  That may not have been such a good idea.

Not only did she survive the radiation, but it made her stronger than ever...

The End

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