I awaken. I am roped to a wooden pole. This should be easy to take care of. I try to turn into a small bird.

Wha's happening?

I can't transform.

I struggle to get my hands free of the ropes, but they are tied too tight. That's when three human's come into the room. USMCs. I'm sure of it. I could tell by their uniforms.  They stood with their guns pointed at me, but they didn't shoot. They just stared at me. Then another man entered.

Their sergeant.

He looked quite unconfortable though, being in the same room as me, and he should.

"See. The test results are postitive." One of the men says with a shaky voice.

"You do know what this means sir." The only woman out of the four humans says firmly.

"Yes, I understand. Thankyou, Falcon. You are a good little shape-shifter, that you are." He says in a mockery tone. How does that human know my name?  "Lock her in the cell with the rest of them," The sergeant orders.

"Yes, sergeant,  Tim Conner." The other boy who hasn't talked yet says. He looks a little bit scrawny and weak. Come to think of it, when he entered the room, he was half hiding behind the other two.

Fools, I think to myself. Once he was done untying the ropes, I threw a punch at the one man. It hit his right cheek bone. He fell suprised and hurting from the impact. I smash the woman, and the other man head's together which knocked them out. Only the Sergeant remained standing.  He pulled out a sniper from his belt. I ran at him. So a few bullets won't hurt. He shot. I felt the odd bullet go through my stomach. I look down at it.

A needle...

I find myself losing concisness. No.I shook it away, and ripped out the needle. The Sergant and I looked at each other for what seem like forever. He had brown hair. His army outfit green with multiple badges. He should also get "The Fool" badge. Actually... All humans should.  

"What have you bastards done to me and my village?" I ask.

"Just destroyed it. What have you shift-changers done to this Earth?" He asks, mocking my tone.

"It's the human's fault and you know it." I sneer. He just smirks and shoots another needle at me. It hits the center of my chest.

"Nice aim," I say, and then I pass out.

I awake in a cell. I see 6 other shape-shifters in here too, and I could also see three skin-walkers. I stand up. The cell wasn't too big. Just big enough for us to fit.

"Hello," A teen-aged skin-walker apears infront of me. He has light brown hair with blue eyes. His skin is a peach colour, but I could see a hint of yellow. I just stare at him.

"I'm Benijimen Tiger Wolf. What's you name?" He asks with a big smile on his face.

"Falcon Rose Feathclaw," I say in an emotionless tone. His smile grows.

"Nice name. Are you new here?" He asks. Idiot.

"No sh*t Sherlock." I say annoyed. "Now get away from me."

"As you wish!" Be backed away from me, and went to talk to some others. I sat in the far corner of the cell away from everyone else. That's when a human came.

"Come with us, Ben," The human says. Ben just looks at the human innocently. The man grabs the teenagers arm against his will.

"We are testing theory 105." The man says to the human that guards the room beyond ours.

"Again? But that always fails! The shape-changers always end up dead! When are you just going to give up?" The gaurd cries.

"Oh shut-up you big baby." The man shoved the guard aside, and walked through the door.

"Poor Ben." A girl skin-walker says.

"Why poor Ben?" I ask.

"Because whoever enters that room..." I see tears start running down her face. "Never come back out." 

The End

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