Bomb 'em and Pick 'em up!Mature

"Hold it Corporal, I'm coming with you, I'll give you some ground support," I said over the com, "Tyler, Ryan, come with me!"

We hopped into a Navistar FTTS, like a heavily armored open back pickup truck equipped with autmatic chainguns and weapon holders.

Ryan drove towards decontamination as Tyler handed us face masks, a see through front with small filters at the bottom and communications array with a HUD display. Immediately it flickered to life, displaying information. I remember the first face masks, used blink systems to switch sights, very confusing, now it was all neurological.

The pressure door opened, we drove in and it shut behind us letting the exit open.

We drove through the snow, the all terrain truck cutting through it like acid. The jets flew past overhead followed by a helicopter.

"Sergeant we have signs of life in the cave, they seem to be shape-changers," I thought for a moment.

"Bomb 'em and pick up any you can find, the Brains will like that." I smiled, the science department.

The bombs dropped ahead, my mask filtering the noise to make it bearable. We drove by and saw Shape-Changers everywhere. "Hop to lads, we got monsters to kill!"

Jumping out of the truck I grabbed a shotgun attatched to a strap, Ryan an M-9 and tyler a tranquilizer.

The smoke filled the area, snow flying in dirty clumps around the place, the cave was beginning to collapse.

Several Shape-Changers came charging

"SUPPRESSIVE FIRE!" I yelled and Ryan let off a series of shots that rang in our ears. I ran forward, blasting shells into their faces, watching their toxic blood spill on the white snow. I pulled out a knife as a shape-changer ran at me with a machete.

The knives connected and I nearly dropped it from the strong impact. The changer continued to attack as I parried, found an opening and struck at it's gut.

I heard a phwump in the distance and a dart strike a blue skinned girl. Ryan hauled a bag over her.

"We gotta Changer here," he called and the helicopter descended, whisking up a blizzard. The detachable chain guns manned and firing long bursts of fire. The Changers ran back, retreating as one of the officers grabbed the girl.

One Changer continued to run, maddened and hysterical. I shot at her but she dodged, the bullet grazing her side she charged at me with her knife. I rolled out of the  way but she caught my shoulder. I felt the burning pain but ignored it.

I shot again, this time catching her leg. It let out a howling shriek and we ran back to the Navistar, the helicopter already in the air and the Changers chasing us.

Ryan pressed down the accelerator as the automatic guns began firing. We were safe.

"Take it back for analysis and follow us, we have other business yet Private," I ordered.

"Yes Sergeant."

There was a lot of activity down in Arizona that I wanted to take care of.

The End

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