"Falcon," I hear Raine say as I pick up the stag effortlessly. She is pointing at something. I immediantly drop the stag. A helicopter. Humans. I then see an object drop from it.

"Run! And cover your ears!" I shout. We run about a few metres then we are thrown head into the snow from the force. Those bastards threw a bomb at us! I looked at Raine. She is wounded. I growl under my breathe. I then soare into the air as my Falcon self. I see a man poking a gun through the wide open side door of the chopper.

Bam bam bam.

He shoots three bullets at me. All three of them miss. Fool. I grab the gun in my beak and I then threw it on the snow covered ground. The man looked at me with fear.


Another bomb. I look down where it had hit. Raine! I can see her blood pour over the white crytals. I look back at the human. I shouldn't have looked away. The human pushed me out of the helicopter and he grabs a near by gun and shoots me, in the left wing. I won't be able to fly. I hit the ground with such force I go unconcious for a second, but then I shake it away. This wasn't the time for that. I stand up. There are heading towards my town. I lifted Raine off the ground, and sprinted ahead of the helicopter. I could hear the human's bullets hit the snow behind me, sending white powder into the air.

"Humans! Run! Attack!" I start screaming when I see the village. I can hear screams of panic. Everyone start to exit their homes out of fear and curiousity. They start to head for the mountains. Only trained Shape-shifters stay behind to fight. I needed to fight too. For Raine, and for my village that is now being distroyed by the humans.

"Give me Raine." A fellow shape-changer says as he runs along side me. I hand her over with care. He then runs off with her.

I then freeze. The civilians seemed to be just blurs of colour that run past me. The noises are becoming quiet, and I only focus on Him running away with Raine, and the little black object floating down towards them.


I hear myself scream. Shape-shifters are thrown by the explosion. Only pieces of the kind man and Rain remain.I feel myself start to weap. Tears are running down my cheeks. Rain. Poor Rain. You lived a good life. Why did you have to die?

"Falcon! Look out!" I hear some one say, but it is too late. A brown human sized bag is shoved over my head. I try to scamble free of it, but it is hopeless. Whoever has captured me is sure strong. I gasp for air, but I find none. I pas out.

The last thing I hear, is a chopper carrying me away

The End

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