CPL. Tim ConnorMature

"Give 'em hell men!"

Suddenly, the 27 remaining men of 2nd Platoon, 3rd Company of the USMC, stood up and began firing on a group of shape-shifters in what remained of Phoenix, Arizona.  We had been on a training exercise with the rest of the company when the nukes were launched.  Now, not long afterwords, only we remained.  We have been fighting the shape-shifters moving in to try and salvage some of the debris, but their... mutations... made it very difficult to take them down quick and easy.  Some of them took more than a magazine to take down, and ammunition isn't exactly easy to come by in the middle of no-where.

I leveled my M-137 sniper rifle on the biggest shape-shifter I saw.  He must be the leader.  I said to myself.  Boom.  Oh gee, another headshot.  Well, no time to revel in the death, there are only another 15 of them to kill.

After several minutes of picking off the foolish ones, they began to get an idea as to my location.  I picked up my M-19 assault rifle from nearby and climbed down to ground level.  Several of the men in my squad were nearby, so I ran over to join up with them.   Just then 5 of the shape-shifters rushed us.  We managed to down 4 of them, but the last one mauled 2 of the men.  Once we had finally killed him, another shape-shifter, this one in lion form, flanked us and killed the other 2 men.  Great, now it just me... well, at least I can take him with me.  Then a shot hit him right in the head.  I turned around and saw my platoon leader walking towards me.

The last of the shape-shifters rushed them from behind in bear form, and as I shouted at him, one of them smashed his face mask with a paw.  I ran up and shot the shifter at point blank with the attached shotgun on my rifle.  Took 2 shots to kill him.

I kneeled next to my CO, knowing what I had to do.  Before I mercy shot him, I leaned down next to him, and he said,"Your in command now, Sergeant."

I turned to my men, and told them to gather ammunition, weapons, and dog-tags from the dead.  We were down to just 13 men now, so another fight would be the end of us.

If we don't get rescued soon, we're finished.

The End

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