I am now sitting beside him. He hasn't told me his real name. He just told me to call him Bear. I ran my fingers through his fine black hair. He has grey skin just like me. While he prefers to turn  into a Black bear, I prefer to turn into a White bear. A Polar bear. Which is a bit ironic since a Polar bear just attempted to eat me moments before. What is this world comiing to?

His eyes flutter open. His blue eyes gaze into mine. A smile spreads across his face, he then goes back to sleep. The cave we live in isn't very big. probably 10 metres in width and 20 metres in length. It is so dark in here now that the snow covers our only souce of light. And even then... Since the clouds cover up the sun... It is never too bright, even when it's day. I stand up, and walk to the back of the cave. I never really inspected the back part. I guess I am kind of afraid of it, because of past expieriences with caves. I place my hands on the rocks side, and lean against it.

It moved.

Only just an inch but... it moved. There must be something behind it. I push with all my strenth. This bolder is really stuck.

Push. Push. Come on.

The bolder starts to roll. It rolls a few metres and then it disapears. I walk over out of curiousity. My foot slips, and I look down. A casm. I gasp, and crawl away from it as fast as I can. There is only a brige that leads across it. A very old bridge made out of rope and sticks. The planks of wood on the bridge look as if they would brake even if a feather lands on them.

Wait. Casm = deep under ground. 

And deep under ground = under ground springs.

And under ground springs =

Water! Plants! I then got up, and I walk over to the ledge again. My eyes aren't good, and it is rather dark in this cave, but I could see lights. Torches. Some one must be done there.  The only way to get down there must be... to either fall, or walk across this bridge. I will take my chances of it braking. What have I got to lose? Don't worry my love, there is now hope for our survival.

I took my first step on the bridge. The board creaks. I walk slowly and steadily across the bridge. Just don't look down. Just don't look down. I am now in the centre of this bridge.

That's when a board breaks. I feel my leg going through the emtpy space. I hold the ropes that were at my sides as tight as I could.

Ow, rope burn.

I lifted my leg out of the empty space, and continue my journy across.

I am finally here. I am finally at the end of the bridge. The other side is empty. There is nothing here. I feel tears  run down my cheeks. But I then see something. A hole in the side of the wall. I walk over to it. It looked like a slide. A circular tube that went straight down. I stuck my head into the hole. Yes. This is quite helpful. I have to go tell Bear. He would be so happy, I twisted around, but then I felt my foot slip again.

I am falling down the tube. I reach for something to grab onto but there's nothing. The walls and cieling are smooth. It would be a lot better if I were going head first, then I could see where I was going but no, I am going feet first. I can hear myself scream. I myself don't even know what I'm saying. The tube makes a hard turn right, and my body slams against one of the rock walls.

My feet then reach the end of the tunnel. I expect to hit a rock ground but instead, I am falling. I look down. Water. I am going to fall into a river.


I start to panic. That's when I see people. Humans. They head towards the river to help me. I also see a Shape-changer with them. What is going on?  

I grab onto the rock side. They take my hands and help me out of the... warm... river. I stand up. The humans and the shape changer look at me with curiousity.

"I was wondering what that tunnel was for!" One of the humans say and then he starts to laugh.

"It shoots out pretty ladies!" Another human adds. They all start to laugh while I start to fume.

"Maybe it will shoot out a handsome man for me!" A female human says. They continue to laugh.

"Where am I? What is this?" I demand. They all wipe the laughing tears from their eyes.

"You're under ground pretty lady. This is where humans, shape-changers and wha'ever the 'ell ya' are live in peace. No fightin' here." A tall muscular human answers. Wait. They aren't wearing gas masks. I take in a deep breath. The air down here... Is clean.

Live in peace?  

How is that even possible? Shape-changers and humans have hated each other for years. And then when skin-walkers became a part of this world... It was like a living hell. How could a place like this even exsist in our world? The winter is so cold and sadening, how could they be smilling? Everything is so peaceful down here.

But up above, things arn't going right at all.  

The End

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