Loveless WinterMature

Ther hailstorm hit my skin like daggers. It hurt so badly. I wish I were wearing more clothes, but being a shape-changer, it really wasn't needed. I wasn't wearing shoes and I could feel the cold snow sting my feet. Just a few metres away I could see my cave where he is waiting. My love. I'm coming. Don't fret, I'll be there soon, I thought to myself. My grey skin felt so cold and I could bearly keep my red eyes open for the hail. I've gotton hail in my eyes far too many times. 

My love.

I can't stop thinking about him. He is so close yet so far. His black hair, and his violet eyes. His smile. I don't think he'll smile anymore thoough. Not after what has happened. Who knew something like this could happen? We were just out hunting and then... He took a step. There just had to be a bomb there. When we thought that nothing could be any worse. Now he can't walk, for the bomb blew off both of his legs.

My love. I feel so bad for you. Tears started to run down my face. No. Stop crying. If you get too sad you might transform. If anyone saw my animal out here, they would surely kill me. I hear something. A growling. I twist around to see who made it. An animal. I couldn't quite see it clearly, but it looked like a...

Polar Bear. One of the last Polar Bears. He looks hungry. I would be the perfect snack for it.

I dashed towards the cave at full speed. I hear the bear charging after me. The cave. I can see it. I'm only a few feet away. I dive for it. I then feel the bear's sharp claws sratch my left foot. I heard myself scream in agony. The bear and I both freeze. I could hear soemthing. My scream must've started...

An avalanche.

I crawl as fast as I could into the cave. I hear the bear trying to get away, but he is caught under the millions and millions of pounds of snow that now blocks the enterance. My love and I are now trapped in here. The snow blocks the only way out. What to do now? I guess we'll just have to die. We were hopeless in the first place. Our world is hopeless.

We'll forever live in an endless winter.

The End

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