Msgt. Jack AsburyMature

"Sergeant we have wanderer down below..." the communications crackled as I sat hunched in a seat, staring at a satelite image of the wasteland.

"Thanks Private, I see them," Looking at the holocom I touched the area where the civilian was walking, following his movements. He seemed scared, running nervously through the once desert, "Simple pick up and drop off, be wary for damn enemies, place is swarming with them."

The jet swung past the man who looked up waving his arms. It slowly turned and descended.

Snow swirled around the spot where the jet had landed and the man ran up to it, "stand back!" I heard the pilot say. He pulled out a detector and pointed it at the man but he kept running. There was a momentary frown and a look of horror as the man lunged at the pilot.

It was brutal. Damn Shape changers!

I sighed as the beast jumped into the plane.

"Jet-1617 commence emergency self destruct in 3 seconds," I grumbled.

"Self destruct in 3...2...1"

The blast pulsed through the wasteland, catching several curious Skin-Walkers.

"Fourth pissing jet we've had to destroy this month, this is getting ridiculous!" My voice rang through the room. It was the command station. Every Sergeant was given a whole sector to look out for, a whole company, "If this carries on we'll get our forces cut, I may even get demoted, we need some damn good results and fast!"

"Never send a Private to do a Corporals' job Sarge," she walked up the stairs, towards me, long brown hair and chocolatey sweet brown eyes. It was a decoy of the vicous vixen inside.

"You know I can't send my best pilot to do lookout, you're too important Corporal," I pointed out, she half smiled.

"Say what you want but I'd bring the results," she put her hand on my desk and leaned down sensually whispering in my ear, "and we both know you need them Sergeant."

She was right of course. Angrily I fiddles with the holocom.

"Get your jet ready and assemble a crew of three others, I want a decent pickup of wanderers and if possible don't not destroy every single bastard who so much as points a finger at you. Give me those results!" I begged.

The End

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