Nuclear WinterMature


The world was in disarray. A black hole of chaos and pandemonium. The greatest cities in the world had been led into rubble and all to a fault of their own. Tokyo, London, Beijing, Moscow, Warsaw, New York, every human inhabited town and city wiped out. The worst of these was Washington D.C.

Washington was a wash of sand. A few ruined buildings jutted out from the abyss. A man stood, looking into the distance. Although, he wasn’t really a man. His left arm had ballooned into something unrecognisable and it hung down like weighing scales, tipping him off balance. His right eye was missing as was his right ear. Burns scarred his face and pus oozed from blotches all over his body. He limply dragged his feet through the sand, moaning and yowling.

Over the horizon, where the white house used to stand, was a tower. It rose so high into the sky the top wasn’t even visible; the windows were air-tight to stop the toxic outside air from seeping in. That was his destination. His mind weakly made the connection between the building and life. He groaned, slowly making it closer to the building.

But a shot rang out, shooting him clean through his brain. Blood splattered across the Washington dunes but it made no difference as the wind blew, scattering the blood-soaked particles in a whirlwind around the building.

“Another one down, boss. Strength Mutant, what you want doing with it?” Within the human population the mutants had no gender. The only classification that was needed was mental or strength.

“Bring him down. Hell’s a-waiting ready,” a female voice laughed.

The female voice belonged to a scientist by the name of A. Wantz. Her German accent was strong and she stood in her laboratory, alone. She wore a long white coat splattered with red blotches. Her name tag was clear and she pulled her blonde hair back into a pony-tail, flinging it back so it hung down to the middle of her back. She looked into the test tube, swirling it till the blood mixed with the clear chemical solution. It turned a bright blue with a puff of smoke and she growled, throwing it across the lab where it sizzled and burned the linoleum tiles.

The mutant was brought in by its small tuft of hair and thrown onto the slab that was in the centre of the room. She looked at him and snorted. “Welcome to hell, mutant. I think you’ll like it here,” she spat, moving her hand over its large arm. “A perfect specimen,” She dimmed the lights, looking over it she placed a delicate cut across its arm. But the scalpel broke and she grinned, walking over to a small screen in the wall. She pressed a button and waited for it to connect.

“Sir? I’d like your permission for another human subject. I think I’ve found something, in fact. You might want to come down here.” She murmured as a man’s face blurrily appeared on the screen.

The End

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