Nuclear WinterMature

Nuclear war caused the world to become very dangerous, the humans set up camp in Nucleon, former area 51 which was apparently a high tech military scientific defence base with all sorts of new creations especially thanks to the discovery of cold fusion causing almost unlimited energy.
This is a collab, you can be human, either in Nucleon or trying to survive on the streets, a shape changer or a deformed skin-walker, all are hostile and desperate to survive but note that the air is toxic meaning

1st master frequency Radio Broadcast. Year 1

"The death of the world was inevitable, if not from nuclear war via arrogant, pompous nations bent on being superior then by some other means of self destruction ie pollution, lack of resources resulting in famine etc.

Mans pride was the cause of their horrific fall and now we unlucky survivors are left to pick up the terrible pieces.

If you are hearing this the world is dangerous, the soot and dust from the nuclear explosions sent plumes of crap into the atmosphere blocking the sun, these clouds then absorbed light and heat from the sun causing them to rise into the stratosphere, less affected by gravity. All this results in an impenetrable nuclear winter and therefore, another ice age.

Secondly the radioactive atmosphere has rendered the composition of our atmosphere deadly toxic to breathe but on many who can survive it, it had a terrible effect.

This brings me onto my third and final point. There are now three types of being, human, shape-changer and the deformed skin-walker. They are all vicous and out for survival.

if you are out there, if you can hear this, your only hope is to come to Nucleon former Area 51 where we have the means to unite man and make this world inhabitable once more. I repeat, come to Nucleon, former Area 51 and survive the Nuclear Winter!"

The End

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