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.They take humans who no one would miss after genocides and massacres.They would leave fake bodies behind to fool primitive human beings.They then process them and abandoned them in improbable places like Mali v Aztecs v Norse in the middle of a replicated North America with all the trimmings except no Native Americans

I walk down the long shimmering corridor.
I can hear the wails of others beside me.
They did not want to be taken.
Stolen from battlefields, slums, dragged from mass graves as they gave their last breaths.
Confused and broken
They have been healed
Given new limbs, hearts, and soon new lives
The refuse of all of human society
None will miss them.
They are no one
Gathered here for an amazing purpose
They will be guinea pigs.
Subjects to a grand experiment.
A rebirth of humanity.
Africans to be abandoned  east of the milky way
Europeans to the South
Asians West
South Americans North
There are no North Americans
Tossed like so many seeds to the wind.
We will be separated, each taken to a new planet.
We will be left on a fertile plain
How do I know this?
Because I came willingly.

The End

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