The man is familiar. I don't know how and I don't know why but the whole strange situation, even the ache of my head and the numbness of the rest of my body seems to be something I've felt before.

But i have no memory, i wouldn't know from one day to the next whether I have seen or felt these things before. As i walk forward the image is blurred by the light and my thoughts become just as mixed. A million questions swim inside my head but not one sticks out that I can clearly define. As I step inside the house the light changes, and I almost feel like the man does too, although his physical appearence does not change at all. The light becomes more of a blue glow, like something from the screen of a television in a dark room.

Still I can hear speech but no words, sounds but no syllables. I turn to see the man still talking. He seems no more aware of his surroundings than me but something in his tone reflects his content attitude to the situation. Clearly he is glad to see me but whether I should be glad to see him is not something I have yet discovered.

The End

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