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Blake Arker didn't trust people easily. After all, the only person he ever opened up to about his "special circumstances" died two years after their friendship had blossomed, which led him to believe that revealing his secret wasn't safe. He made sure to keep himself hidden from everybody, even getting home-schooled to do the job. But, when his safety is threatened and he's forced to attend his old school again, he might find solace in an unlikely girl.


              It was at that precise moment that those words poured out of my mouth that the wind began to swirl around me, in what seemed to be a tornado. The urge to run away screaming that there was a twister was tempting, but there was something strange holding me back, rooting my feet to the soft, squishy ground that was still drying after a huge thunderstorm the night before. The wind was blowing my hair this way and that, hindering my sight for a little while, until it started to slow down and become gentle.

                And the unthinkable happened.

                I heard his voice.

                I heard the voice of my dead best friend.

The End

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