Now please take off your mask

this is a dream I had I thought it was pretty cool so I am writing it in story form.

  The outstretched hand reached toward me. I was afraid at first, since all she was wearing was a mask. Was she there to kill me? Did she need help? Why me? The Mask had a beak that pointed down not out, and feathers that came from the top of the left eye and down the side. It had a design on that side, on the other looked as if the design was hair and a feather in the carved hair. That side had blush marks under the eye. In the middle of the eyes, a bit above the eyes had a shape of heart. Just like the mask itself the left was black and the right was white.

   As I looked I knew for sure that it wasn't a murder, she didn't need help. She just wanted support. She stopped in front of me, and removed that mask. Suddenly strings of hair reached to her ankles, it was pink, her eyes having some type of weird structure. Her iris had diamonds, and circles in it and every time she blinked, they'd move to different locations, but still the same pattern. She had horns that curved downwards, then curved again like a curly cue.

 She set that mask on me, and said "Please, don't be scared, I am no demon, I wear this mask to hide my true self. Now take off yours"

The End

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