I felt safe in Declan's arms . It was truly some where's I wanted to be .  I was scared of the world consittering  what Chad had tried to pull off .  My long dark brown hair fell over Declan's shoulder's . " Listen to me Vic , Nothing bad will ever happen to you again , " He said peeling me off him . " I promise " He said kissing my forehead .  I looked up at Declan and he sticked his hand out at me . I took his hand and he helped me up . Me and Declan walked out of the hospital holding hands . The sun was beeming in my eyes and I could feel the sweat of his hands cold against mine . A smile cracked my face and I felt free .  I looked at Declan and I slowly released his hand and I began running away . " Come on ! " I yelled back at him .  I dashed quickly untill I met face to face with a large over sized tree with long branches hanging down .  Declan caught up to me . I glared at him and I touched the side of his face . Rough but gentle . I could hear his heart beating fast and the blood boiling inside him .  " Thank you . " I said smiling  . " For  ? " He said . " Taking care of me , " I said . Declan nodded then next thing I knew I was kissing him .  His kiss has sent some message through me . It was like a bolt of energy , Almost like he had infected me with something . I could feel Declan touching the strap of my dress . He untied the strap holding my dress up and the dress slid off my body .   The whole world just paused   , and it was just me and him . 

The End

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