Declan touched my forehead . " Your burning up , are you sure you okay ? " He asked . " Yes ,  i'm fine . " I said smiling pleasently . My head began to pound , it felt like someone was hitting me over the head over and over again . The pain became unbearable . I fell to my knee's in complete pain . " Declan ! " I began screaming . Declan put his arm around my back and began rubbing my back . "  I'm going to get you to a docter , " I could hear him say but everything was a blur and nothing was stable .  My eyes shut and I felt like I was in a deep sleep I didn't want to be awoken from .  

(one year later )  I was sixteen years old when my boyfriend Chad stabbed me and now I am seventeen and have just awoken from my coma .  My head pounded and my body was unwilling .  I saw a bright light in my eyes " eye reflexes are fine " I could hear someone say . My vison became clear . "  Victoria ? " The docter said . " Yes ? " I said curling into a ball . " Sweet heart , it's alright , we are here to help you "  They looked at me like I was stupid . Like i was a young child that didn't know any better . My eyes grew large .  I saw Declan run towards me . He put both of his hands on the sides of my face . " Declan ? " I whispered . " Vic ? " He said .  I quickly gave him a long hug and tears dripped from my face . " He tried to - " Declan quickly cut me off . " Kill you ? " He said . I drug my face into his shirt and the tears rolled down my face . It was nice to see a face I recenized . " I'm so glad to see you , " I whispered into his ears .

The End

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