Finding a way out .

The tears filled my eye's and I saw Declan come back  he glared at me . " We're getting out of here , " He said . A smile created onto my face and he held out his hand  . I took it and we snuck out . " Where did you learn to do that ? " I asked . " What ? " He replyed . " Sneek like that ! " I glanced back at him . " Oh , years of sneeking " He said .  My stomach quickly dropped  . "Where are we going ? " I asked . "  My house ,  " He said . I nodded .  We drove for quite some time . and we finally reached a small yellow house , it was beautiful .  I walked into the house and I could see the sun shining brightly from the bay windows .  The house was well set and it was nice and welcoming . Declan began speeding around the house  "Sorry its a mess ! " I heard him yell from a distance . "it's fine " I yelled back .  I walked over to the bay window and I saw the swing in the front yard .  Flash backs of when I was five years old filled my head . I was swinging on the swing . I thought that maybe someday I would touch the sky . Then my mother came out the door and slammed it shut . She ran over to me like a mad woman . She grabbed me by the neck and she hit me , she hit and beat me untill she saw blood drip down my face .  The pain hurt , but the fact that it was my own damn mother was worst . My eye's opened and I saw Declan . " You okay  ? You fell down .. " He said . " Im fine " I said lying . 

The End

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