Just wanna go home .

I watched as the docter's all ran around like chicken's with their heads cut off .  The Nurse's would sometimes come in and check on me but not often . I glanced around the room and saw a opened window .  I rememered watching the Titanic as a twelve year old girl and I rememered how happy Rose looked when Jack held her on the front deck . His arms wrapped tight around her . I smiled slighty at myself and I got up from the bed and made my way to the window and I looked out of it  . The drop looked far but I had nothing to loose . I was Thirteen years old and I had a mother who never gave  a damn about what I did and a father who drank so much he could even care about me .  I brought my feet up to the windowsill and stare down at the small city under my feet .  Just as I was about to walk of the edge A young man held my waist . " Victoria ! Are you crazy? " He said picking me up then spreading my body across the long white narrow bed . " For the last time , I'm not this Vic-tor-ia , My name is Jillian " I said looking at him .  " Vic , It's me .. Declan ? " He said . I grown tired of the name Vic and Victoria ,  I wanted to be called by my own name , Jillian . " Declan ! " A voice called out . Declan quickly whipped his neck to see the Docter in front of him . " I'm going to have to ask you to leave the room .. for Jillian's sake, " He said . Declan without a word walked out of the room . I closed my eye's  and everything was black . The emptyness of my mind felt good .  Thinking always hurted my head and made me sweat .  I fell into a deep sleep and I had the strangest dream . I saw what had happend to me I saw him run towards me with the knife and I saw me fall and hit my head . Just as the boy was about to stab me I woke up sweating and crying . " Jillian ?" A voice called . I sat up stright and looked beside me " Yes ? " I said . " What happend ? " The docter said looking down at me . " I saw what happend ! " I yelled .  " What do you mean ? "  He said . " I was stabbed , I hit my head off a coffee table ! " I yelled getting up .  The docter glared me in the eye's .  " Stabbed ? " He asked .  " Yes , " I said .  I snank back down onto the bed .  As much as I hated the fact of going home , I missed it . I wanted to go back . Home sounds just about right at the time . 

The End

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