Half way dead

I turned the water to hot . I watched as the steam filled the room with fog .  I go into the shower and I looked down at my arms with had little bumps filling them . The hot water felt good on my naked body . I could feel the stress looking for away to escape . I sat down on the floor of the bathtub and curled my knee's up close to my chest . I think I would rather feel physical pain than whatever pain I have right now , But I knew I had to pull myself together . I stood back up and watched out the little window in my shower , but all's I saw was fog . With my finger I began to write in the fog " Help me " I wrote . I heard Chad yelling "  Vic ! " He yelled . " Yes ? " I yelled back . " Hurry the hell up! " He said sounding mad . My eyes grew big . Chad never told me to hurry up . What ? Does he think im going to do something stupid ? I qustioned myself . I turned the water off and grabbed my towel . I walked onto the white carpet and dug my toes into it as I heard Chad yelling  on the phone . " Chad ? " I said . Chad walked over and slammed me into the wall and cupped his hand around my neck . " WHAT ! " He yelled very loudly . " N-Nothing " I said . Chad then atemtted to take my towel off  . " No ! " I yelled . " I said yes ! " He yelled back even louder . He took off my towel and threw it on the ground . " No !" I said trying to take his hands off me . Chad began unbuckling the belt on his pants . I finally got him to let go after biting his hand . I ran into my bedroom and locked the door . " Leave me alone ! " I yelled . " Victoria ! Open the door now ! " He screamed . I heard something busting the door " Leave me alone Chad" I yelled . Then all of a sudden he made a huge hole in the wall and he unlocked he door and came in . " No , no , no ! " I yelled . Chad then ran full speed at me and stabbed me in the stomach with a kitchen knife .

The End

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