I hate you , I hate you , I hate you , I love you .

Chad kissed the top of my head " Listen to me , Everything is going to be .. alright " He said . I slowly let go of Chad . " How the hell can you even say that to me " I said crying with eyeliner running down my face  . " Vic , Calm down , " He said touching my sholder . " You know what , nevermind , It was pointless coming here . "I said walking out and slamming the door behind me . I started walking down the street as I felt drops of water hitting my face . I stood in middle of the road and I watched as rain hit my face . I began laughing out all my pain that burned inside of me . It felt good to let it out  .. Let the fire burn stronger . I looked down at my feet . Swollen and cut from the strap of my shoes . I unbuckled the straps and took of my heels . I threw them on the other side of my road and I began to walk . Hours later I finally got home and I feel into my bed . I stared at the walls untill I fell asleep . The next morning I woke up with the sun in my eyes and I felt numb . I grabbed my house coat off the floor and sat at my cherrywood table set . I heard some one knocking loudly on the door but then I saw Chad walk right in . " I thought you might need this " He said throwing Advil on the table . I  rested my head in my hands . " What are you doing here ? " I said . " Well I followed you home last night , just to make sure you got home " He said . " You followed me ? You didnt say anything . " I said looking at him . " No , " He said . I quickly stood up and walked over to him . I stared into his brown eyes and began punching him softly in the chest . " I hate you , I hate you , I hate you , I love you . " I said hugging him tightly . He wraped his arms around me and hugged me back . " I love you to , "  He said . " What am I going to do ? "  I said resting my head on him . " Well , Ill tell you what your going to do , You going to go take a shower , your going to get ready , and im going to drive you to school " He said pointing to the bathroom . I manged to smile at bit and I slowly dragged myself to the bathroom .

The End

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