Don't be late !

" Can you come over tonight ? I really need a friend " She said sniffling . " Yeah no problem sweetie , I'll be there around Six , " I said shutting my phone . For evertime the world's population went down number's i grew sad . It wasn't fair to take away lives of other people . I never understood death untill Ziggy died , and as a child watching your own dog  die was more painful than just falling on the sidewalk and cutting your knee open . You know that feeling , your okay untill you se the blood ? Well , thats how it was for me I was alright , untill I saw Ziggy laying there choking to death . Now its Paige . I flipped back open my phone and dailed Chad's cell number . I could hear Chad saying " Hello " about five or six times . " Chad ! You would have never guessed what just happend ! Paige's sister just died ! " I said pushing the speaker closer to my mouth . " Kelly ? " Chad said sounding suprised . " Yes ! she was found dead in the lake back at camp ! " I said . " What the hell happend !?" Chad yelled . " Well appeartly she was drunk and went for a swimand drowned , " I said . " what !? " Chad said . " Look , Paige wants me to go over to her house around Six , so it looks like I cant see you tonight ," I said feeling my tears run down my pale skin . " Alright , just call me when you get back home , alright babe ? " He said  sounding angry . " Alright , I love you " I said . " I love you too ," He said then hung up .  I drove back home and dashed up the stairs and ran into my room and jumped onto the bed . I layed there for hours thinking .  I looked over at the clock and the number's read  6:37  " Crap ! " I said to myself .  I ran down to the car and quickly drove down the street to Paige's . I stood outside on the front door step in the freezing cold for about ten minutes  , then I slowly turned the door nob and walked in . " Paige ? " I said . I checked all downstairs for her . No sign for her anywhere's . Then i ran up the stairs and started yelling " Paige " I looked in her bedroom and checked the closet and there she was . Dead .  

The End

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